Black Rose Coven

Tarot and Raven's family

The Black Rose Coven is a family coven of witches that live in a oppulent mansion outside the city of Salem, Massachusetts, and that has a long rich history of sorcery and Witchcraft. These witches are bent on keeping the balance between Man and Magick.


Not much is known about the Black Rose Coven, but the one recurring motif is that of their sigil (a black rose). They are most commonly seen wearing black.


The Coven's main goal is to maintain balance between the magical community and the human world, one member at a time acting as the Goddess's Swordsmaiden. They are intrusted with safe-guarding dark objects and policing any sort of magical threat to humanity.

Because of this, the family heavily discourages the use of dark magic, leading to the death of their patriarch and the banishment of their member Raven Hex (an act that was later revoked).

Known MembersEdit

History Edit

In ancient times the Goddess gave a divine sword to the first member Swordmaiden of the Goddess, that must keep the Balance between Man and Magick. That witch lead the Black Rose Coven to battle the Dark Elf magician, Azure, who was leading a army of magickal beings to invade the Earth. The witches won and Azure was arrested forever in magickal shackles.

Later, during Salems witch trials, some witches were burned at the stake for their pride. Also the Black Rose was given a forbidden tome of sorcery to guard it. They also built the Tower of High Witchery which was abandoned due to it's negative energies.

Currentely the Black Rose witches try to make Man accept witchkind.