Dragon Witch is the second issue of Tarot Witch of Black Rose.


In the cold of winter, Tarot prepares to make a ritual at midnight for the Goddess. Wielding a cup with water, she beguns to casting her circle when Pooka comes flying. A few seconds later a dragon comes flying persuing the flying familiar. Picking up the Sword of Black Rose , Tarot rushes completely naked to save her familiar.

The dragon throws a fireball at Pooka, but Tarot manages to save him. Throwing herself on the gigantic pool, Tarot swims to a waterfall, which will mask their scent. There she realizes that though she could use magick to teleport herself to the mansion, the dragon would simply burn the gardens down and would do the same to the mansion.

She remembers how she meet Pooka when she was young. She get close to the Fairyland and captured the flying cat that was hidding in a tree. Tarot tooka Pooka as her familiar and named it Pooka in honor of the mischiveous goblin. Pooka always messed up with magick, potions and fairies .

The dragon, however, founds them, and is ready to kill Pooka when Tarot pulls her sword to the dragons neck. The young witch demands to known why the dragon is persuing her familiar: the dragon explains that Pooka injured her child and by the dragon law, Pooka has to die.

Tarot claims that it's a dark punishment for something so insignificant and the dragon explains that being lenient has led dragons to the verge of extintion: the commoners hunted dragons, robbing their treasures and were proclaimed heroes while actually being nothing than murderers. Tarot uses her magick to heal the hounded dragon child, saving Pookas life.

The dragon, which magickally tooks a humanoid form, says that if her sister ever wants to declare war on Mankind, dragon witches will help.


  • This issue introduces the fact that witches are not only limited to humans. Magickal beings such as dragons can also be witches.