Fluffy Witches

The Fluffy Witch Coven

The Fluffy Witch Coven is a coven of witches that appear during Raven Hex's gathering in issue #32. They later find Jon after his battle with Azure's wraith and nurse him back to health


The members of the Fluffy Witch Coven are an all-female group of human witches in black/dark violet dresses. Their leader is notable for her bushy red hair and wearing large circular glasses.


The Fluffy Witches are noticeably maternal and peace-loving, taking the time to heal a badly injured Jon and not only nurse him back to health, but they do so with love and affection not unlike mothers would.

They also seem to possess an odd love of sweets, always mentioning some type of baked good.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a witch coven, it can be assumed that they at least know all of the basic practices and teachings that modern witches learn from.

The Fluffy Witch's desired magic of choice seems to be hearth magic, making cakes, pies and other magical sweets that help heal Jon.