Frost Fairy Queen
Frost Fairy Queen
Biographical Information
Full Name

Frost Fairy Queen

Titles Frost Fairy Queen
Physical Information
Species Fairy (Frost Fairy)
Gender Female
Hair Color Chrome-Blue
Eye Color Chrome-Silver
Familial Information
Magickal Characteristcs
Magickal Powers
  • Flight
  • Cold-Immunity

The Frost Fairy Queen is queen to the frost fairies that appears in issue 17.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Unlike other fairies, the Queen holds the same width and heigth as a fully-grown human female. Her skin entire body is a silver-chrome with her short hair a tint of blue. She is completely naked with the exception of a corset around her waist. She possesses a pair of bug-antennai poking out of her hair and four, insectoid wings.


As a fairy, her moral compass is different to those of humans. She takes great offense to Raven Hex's treatment to one of her fairies (even though the fairy was the one to instigate it), sending an army of snow-men to capture Raven Hex and Tarot and enact petty vengeance on them.

She does not seem to believe in the same three-fold law human witches believe in (at least not in the same way), using it against them merely in an ironic fashion. However, she does seem to hold some kind of honor, letting them go when she finds out that her goblin cat and Pooka sired a litter, thus making them "family."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The extent of her powers is never really given, but it is clear that she feels at home within the icy terrain that she lives in. She seems to have an aversion to heat, taking offense when Jon throws a thermas at her. She has the power to put people to sleep, doing so to Jon.