Goblin Cat Pairing
Biographical Information
Full Name

Frost Fairy Queen's Cat

Titles Frost Fairy Queen's Cat
Physical Information
Species Goblin Cat
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Silver/Blue
Familial Information
Magickal Characteristcs
Magickal Powers
  • Flight

The Frost Fairy Queen's Cat is Frost Fairy Queen's pet Goblin Cat and familiar who first appears in issue #14

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pooka looks very similar to a white cat, with the exception of the two tiny horns on her head, silver eyes, pointed tail and small, white bird wings on her back. During Beltane, she is shown wearing a collar with flower and a pentacle tag.


Not much is given on the Goblin Cat's personality, though she is shown to be affectionate with her mate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Goblin Cat, she has the power of flight through his wings.

It can be assumed that she bares a close connection to the Frost Fairy Queen's magic as her familiar