The Goddess
Character Information
Full Name The Goddess
Gender female
Age unknown
Height Nature
Occupation fuel life with her energy
Family Horned God
First appearance Witch War
Powers magick

The Goddess is one of the deities of Wicca and the embodiement of woman sexuality, mother caring and nature. She also is in command of magick.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Goddess has many names and forms, the most known are:

The MaidenEdit

The maiden is carefree, filled with sexual energy, frolicking, searching for her next lover. She represents the youth and the golden years of people's journey.

The MotherEdit

Ripe with child, she nurters, comforts and creates life. She's represents the gaining of knowledge and experience.

The CroneEdit

The wise woman, the Crone is the keeper of both secret and common knowledge and is a healer.


Being the ultimate mother, the Goddess loves all things. She does however demands balance and temperament in using magick. For exemple, when the witch Willowry take the name of the Goddess out a spell, she was turned into a willow tree to remind her that magick, deities and nature are interconected.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Goddess has command over all magick. She posses vast mystical powers beyond the reach of ordinary witches. She's capable of stand in a gigantic size in the middle of a thunderstorm without causing any enviromental problems. She's also capable of enchant objects, like the Black Rose Sword.

As one of with nature, she can manifest herself in nature.

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