Goth Coven

Goth Coven

The Goth Coven is a coven of witches that appear during Raven Hex's gathering in issue #32.


The members of the Goth Coven are all caucasian in ethnicity, all of them dressing in different goth-styles. They all seem to possess a pentacle with thorny vines (possibly their coven's symbol) somewhere on their person, either as a tattoo or on their clothes.


Not much is given about the goth witches, with it can be assumed that they are deeply immersed in the Goth lifestyle.

Much like all of the other witches at the gathering, the Goth Coven possess doubt in Raven Hex's leadership on behalf of the magical community, believing that a member of their coven should lead instead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a witch coven, it can be assumed that they at least know all of the basic practices and teachings that modern witches learn from.