Goulish Intentions is the third issue of Tarot Witch of Black Rose.


In Witch Hallows, at night, a werecat enters Tarot bed chamber and kisses the sleeping witch. Tarot wakes up thinking if the Boo Cat, the werecat, kiss was a dream but quickly realizes it was real.

Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Cemitery, Boo Cat places her lover, Licorice Dust, a vampire, in a cript and goes out to seek help to remove the stake. Meanwhile, Jon is playing a horror game when he realizes that vandals are disburbing the dead.

Back at Witch Hallows, Boo Cat enters Tarot bed chambers only to find the bed empty. A dressed Tarot appears, saying that she had a vision about her arrival and that has been two years since Boo Cat left her. Boo Cat was Tarots former lover and, two years earlier, left her for the vampire Licorice Dust. Boo Cat explains that Licorice was staked by townspeople who said they're abominations conjured by the witches that burned their home in Halloween. After realizing that Licorice is in Jons' cemitery, she decides to help.

At the cemitery, Jon discoveries that the vandals are zombies. Escaping from the monsters, Jon ends up entering the cript and attacked by Licorice, who managed to take the stake by herself. The zombies enter the cript and a fight ensures, as Tarot and Boo Cat teleport in. The zombies capture Licorice and begun to eat her, but Tarot uses her magick to destroy them.

Later, Boo Cat enters once again in Tarots room and kisses her as a way to say thank you. After she leaves, Tarot smiles.


  • This issue introduces two more magickal creatures, Werecats and Vampires;
  • Also this issue shows that Tarot is bisexual;