Boo Cat
2782932-licorice 05
Biographical Information
Full Name

Boo Cat

Born Around the late 1970's
Physical Information
Species Vampire (formerly human)
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Ash
Familial Information
  • Unknown Vampire (Sire)
Magickal Characteristcs
Magickal Powers
  • Flight
  • Healing Factor

Licorice Dust is Boo Cat's girlfriend and a vampire that lives in Salem. Her real name is never mentioned, but she takes the name Licorice because she is "sweet, and very bad for you". Licorice is quite committed to Boo, and has no other known lovers.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Licorice started the series as a somewhat shallow character, resenting humans for their fear toward her. She has quite a bit of rage, which she has channeled into being vigilant against those who hurt women and children. Due to her vampire nature, Licorice is supernaturally strong and agile, making her a blunt instrument when enraged.

Unlike Boo Cat, Licorice Dust is very committed to her and takes their relationship very seriously, becoming bitter whenever Boo Cat takes another lover, leading to her resentment of Tarot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Licorice Dust and her friends were originally one of four goth teenagers that willingly became vampires when the chance was offered to them and killed him by wooden stake rather than be his sex slaves. She sometimes has reunions with her Goth-cheerleader vampire friends.