New Avalon

New Avalon

New Avalon is an expansive island conjured and ruled over by Raven Hex as a sanctuary for witches and magical creatures.


New Avalon takes the form of a massive, castle-sized island. The island is located long off Salem harbor, protected by glamour magicks and security, including a well-armed legion of mermaids and a massive gorgon protecting the gateway in order to fight off all non-witches (Jon being the only acception as he was brought by Tarot's Mother willingly).

Both the inside and outside of the castle there are massive statues in varying size in tribute to the Goddess, with many ornate plants and carvings on the many levels. The space inside is notably open, allowing various dragons to navigate through the corridors in their true form effortlessly. The castle possesses various waterfalls and lines that lead to various pools where gorgons and mermaids are shown to lounge.

There also exists a massive colessium where thousands of people can fit.




  • The name is a reference to the fictional location Avalon, a magical island of Arthurian Legend where Excalibur was forged and spellcasters like Nimue and Morgan Le Fay dwelled.