Return of the Dark Witch is the a four-parter of Tarot Witch of Black Rose.


Part OneEdit

At the woods that surround the Tower of High Witchery, a girl is being followed by two men. The men capture her and try to rape her but then Raven Hex appears and turns them into frogs. Raven then demands to known why she's there and the girl says she want to be her apprentice, which Raven have no intention on have. The girl says that her whole life has been full of rejection, being mistreated by her peers at school, ignored by any authority and her parents too much rooted in their dramas. Then she found an article on Internet about Raven, and begun to worship Satan, eventually runing away to Salem. Raven then ask for her name, which reveals to be Willowry, and accepts her as apprentice.

Meanwhile, Tarot deals with the pressure of Ravens meddling with the natural order, turning Salem into a hotspot for negative forces. Tarot asks some of the local witches to aid her in fighting those negative forces, casting a protective spell over the world that, however, could only lessen the effects. Somewhere else, the Coven of Shadows, state that Raven, for endangering the lives of witches everywhere, must be removed from the fabric of life.

Back at the Tower of High Witchery, Raven orders Willowry to remove her clothes, because her body has been injured, and orders her to bathe at the Healing Cauldron. After undressing herself, Willowry bathes at the Cauldron which heals her wounds, removing the scratches. When she laters tries to cloth herself, some goblins take and destroy them. Raven says that she's beggining a new life and conjures gearments for her to wear.

At Salem, Mother meets the local Police Officer who asks her for help in a bizarre case. When she goes the crime scene a mysterious entity telepathacly tells her to go with her daughters at the old bridge and to not ignore the warning or innocents will die. Mother returns to Witch Hallows where Tarot and Jon just finished making love, and Mother asks to speak alone with Tarot. She speaks about the entity.

In the Tower, Willowry is forced to clean the place, study the diferent forms of magick, stack ingredients and eventualy catch mushrooms. Cript Chick appears with the stolen page of the Book of Dark Magick and convices her to cast the Ressurection Spell. Meanwhile, Raven prepares herself after having spent nearly a year study the knowledge of lost history, ancient grimoire and increasing her abilities, she's with an entire new focus: she will raise a magickal island where only witches are allowed to enter and where they grow in The Craft .