Salem or Salem, Massachuts, is a american town that's best known for it's tragic Witch Trials that resulted in the torture and death of innocent people. The city is home to the Black Rose Coven, which resides in a luxurious Mansion outside of town, but due to a wrong ressurection attempt the city has became a hotspot for supernatural events.


In the 17th century, the city was home to the Black Rose Coven that wrote two tomes of magickal knowledge, being one deemed forbidden and kept hidden. However some members of the Black Rose became arrogant and confident in their own Craft, and were burned at the stake of their pride.

Later, in late 20th century, the rebirth of the Old Religion allowed the members of the Black Rose Coven to practise their magickal knowledge more freely. However the hate and intolerance towards the Craft continued. This intolerance lead to a stone being thrown at young witch Rowan which lead her sister to cast a spell to punish the wicked children. This events lead to their expulsion and consequentely to their father using magick to burn down the school. But the Witchs' Creed sent his magick back at him, consuming him.

Later at early 21st century, the now grown up Raven Hex attempts to summon a army of monsters into the city, creating a Second Burning Times. Due to the inapropriate use of magick , the city became a hotspot for supernatural events, bringing dragons, fairies and all kind of monsters to the city.