Shadow Coven Cover

Shadow Coven

The Shadow Coven (also known as the Coven of Shadows) is a coven of warlocks charged with preserving the existence of witches and punish those who endanger witch-kind. They make their first appearance in issue #7.


Every warlock within the Shadow Coven are shown to be male in matching skin-tight, all-black outfits pointed black hoods, black face-masks and glowing red eyes. It is unknown if the witches are human or are humanoid creatures.

Shadow Coven Pentacle

Shadow Coven Sigil

The Shadow Coven's sigil is presented as a blue pentacle with a red, one-way vector in the shape of a backwards Z, a symbol found on the sides of their hoods.

It is unknown if there are any female members.


As warlocks, the Shadow Coven's duty is to kill witches, having dedicating themselves to enact vengeance on witches that endanger the magical community. Being warlocks however, it is not made clear whether or not they do this out of service of the craft or if they simply use it as an excuse to kill witches, as Raven Hex (and most likely all of the other covens) have never heard of them. According to Raven, the reason why they dress as they do is to hide their own cowardice and lack of experience in the craft.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is unknown to what extent their magic reaches, but they clearly possess various magicks at their disposal. They were able to learn about Raven's actions and locate her and were able to bind her body using a poppet in her likeness.

They also possess combat skills, usually seen using hooks and crescent sickle for battle.

Despite all of their power, they were unable to stop Raven Hex, implied by Raven to have been out of inexperience.


It is unknown for how long the Shadow Coven has existed, but it is clear that they were founded shortly after the burning times.

After Raven Hex's actions on Halloween, the Shadow Coven wished to enact justice on Raven Hex. To follow the three fold law, they summon the Headless Horseman to kill her sister and mother, hopefully ending the Black Rose Coven forever.

Meanwhile, the coven themselves hunt down Raven Hex themselves, binding her with a poppet replica of herself with intentions of executing her. Raven Hex, in a hurry to raise New Avalon, manages to defend herself despite being bound up, remarking how they are not witches, but simply a band of warlocks trying to hide their own cowardice with fear and violence. When one of them intends to kill her using the poppet, Raven summons a group of goblins loyal to her to free the poppet and her by extension.

Having won over the Shadow Coven, Raven Hex turns them all into crows as punishment.