Soccer Mom Witches

Soccer Mom Coven

The Soccer Mom Coven is a coven of witches that appear during Raven Hex's gathering in issue #32.


The members of the Soccer Mom Coven appear to be a multi-racial group of female witches, each of them wearing simplistic, urban-esc housewife clothing. Their leader in particular wears a purple sweater with the phrase "Proud to be a Soccer Witch Mom" on the front.


By witch standards, the Soccer Mom Coven are shown to be very conservative, their entire coven being dressed in a modern, conservative apparel and acting upon the principles of "family values." They also seem to possess a strong sense of modesty along with this, believing that Raven Hex's revealing clothes make her "unsuitable for children", and being visibly repulsed by the Skyclad Coven's open nudity.

Much like all of the other witches at the gathering, the Soccer Mom Coven possess doubt in Raven Hex's leadership on behalf of the magical community, believing that they need a more "wholesome" image to reintroduce themselves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a witch coven, it can be assumed that they at least know all of the basic practices and teachings that modern witches learn from.