Spells are magickal actions that conjure the powers of the God and Goddess to help alter reality in all ways possible. Spells are very careful, having been developed across the centuries and allowing witches to channel magick to alter the world.

Spells and their magickal natureEdit

Fire CharmEdit

A Fire Charm is simple magickal act that conjures fire to be used in defense. Witches can evoke the magickal nature of fire by creating a pentacle (a pentagram within a circle) and by using mystical words that summon the fire. It's a offensive kind of witchcraft.

Ressurection SpellEdit

The ressurection spell is a very complex form of Necro-Magick that summons the dead and gaves living flesh, as if they're alive. All attempts in this spell has failed, either because of strong emotions such as hate or because the witch is so proud that removes the Goddess out of magick.

Wind SpellEdit

The Wind Spell is a offensive kind of magick that sent a wave of wind that throws enemies away from the witch or sorceress. Wind Spells are powerful enough to knock out people. It's very simple and doesn't need pentacles or any form of ritualistic sorcery.

Monster Conjuration SpellEdit

The Monster Conjuration Spell is a kind of sorcerous power that's very rooted in Necro-Magick, and only talented Witches in Darkness should attempt to summon these beings. A spell of great complexity, with a powerful ritual of summoning witchcraft, that if done well grants the witch a army of magickal beasts.

Levitation SpellEdit

A powerful non-offensive spell that allows the witch to float and move in the air. It's very simplistic spell though it seems that need to be trained properly.