The Summerlands

The Summerlands is an afterlife dimension first introduced in issue #10 that Tarot goes to after she was mortally wounded by the Headless Horseman.


In Wicca, the Summerlands are a group of endless hills stuck in perpetual summertime. Here, the souls of the deceased spend their days recollecting about their life before they reincarnate back to earth. Here various personifications that take the form of the Major Arcana of Tarot seem to dwell as well.

Much like Hell, the Summerlands appear to be malleable to the person's state of being.

When Tarot dies, she is instructed by Death that she could choose to accept her fate and be reunited with her father or she could face the test of the Black Rose Sword and return to the land of the living. Whether this is an option for all witches that make it there or just for the Swordmaiden is unclear.