Temperance Major Arcana
Biographical Information
Full Name Temperance


Physical Information
Species Personification
Gender Female
Height 5' 11"
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pastel Violet

Temperance is a member of the Major Arcana Tarot deck that manifests as a guide for Tarot in Issue #10.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Temperance manifests in the form of a female angel (possessing two, long pink and yellow wings) with pastel violet skin, blue eyes and long, black hair braided into two long braids with white ribbons. She is completely nude with the exception of two pink stockings and strings wrapped around her body the hold up a silver, transparent fabric draped from her waist. Much like the tarot card, she is seen pouring water from one goblet to another.


Temperance applauds Tarot on her social abilities, and that her dream of a harmonized world can become a reality.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While no abilities are ever shown, she seems to possess some sort of connection to the Summerlands herself, manifesting in front of Tarot when she needed her and telling her exactly what she needed to know.