The Devil
The Devil Tarot
Biographical Information
Full Name The Devil
Titles The Devil
Physical Information
Species Personification
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Red

The Devil (not to be confused with The Great Adversary) is a member of the Major Arcana Tarot deck that manifests as an obstacle for Tarot in Issue #11.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Devil takes the form a large, nude woman with blood-red skin, a pointed tail, small wings, and two sets of horns (one a small pair of horns, another a massive set of ram horns). The only thing she wears is a pair of elevator shoes with the laces shaped like an inverted pentagram.


Unlike the other Major Arcana, the Devil acts as a sort of obstacle, meant to distract her from her agenda and keep her there. She uses her small imps to set her down where she then tempts her using her carnal desires and temptations to distract her, undoing her clothes and effectively removing her "defenses" given to her by the other Arcana.

It can be assumed that because she does nothing to actually stop her from leaving, the Devil simply played antagonist as a test, and that she was not actually against her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Devil seems to have the power to change her size, as well as holding command over a small group of imp-like demons.

She seems to possess some sort of connection to the Summerlands herself, manifesting in front of Tarot when she "needed" her and telling her exactly what she needed to know.