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The Great Adversary (not to be confused with The Devil) is the name of a massive demon named by Jon in Issue #36. She serves as a massive demon who is meant to torment the inhabiting souls of Hell.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Great Adversary takes the form of a titan-sized human woman. She is completely naked with four noticable horns where her red, curly hair meet her forehead. She possesses red "gore-caked" lips and tear-shaped make-up marks dripping from her eyes.


Like all of the other demons in Hell, the Great Adversary works as a construct created by Hell to torment the souls within, eating humans souls brought to her and expelling them out from her orifices for all of eternity.


  • The Great Adversary possesses many similarities to the Devil, more specifically the interpretation of him within The Divine Comedy.
    • Where as the Devil eats and then expels the souls of Judas, Brutus and Cassius in an endless cycle, the Great Adversary devours whatever souls are given her and expelled back into the endless sea for them to endure more torment.