The Lovers
The Lovers Major Arcana Summerlands
Biographical Information
Full Name The Lovers

The Lovers

Physical Information
Species Personification
Gender Male and Female
Hair Color Red (Male), Wine Violet (Female)
Eye Color Sky-blue (Male), Gold (Female)
Skin Color Orange with Blue patterns (Male), Violet with Blue patterns (Female)

The Lovers are members of the Major Arcana Tarot deck that manifests as a guide for Tarot in Issue #10.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Lovers take the form of a male and a female always within each-other's embrace.

The male is noticeably in shape with blue eyes, orange skin and blue swirl patterns all over his body. He possesses a symbol of the sun on his forehead.

The female is all purple with long, wine-colored hair, blue swirling patterns across her body, golden eyes and a crescent moon in her forehead.


The Lovers applaud the love that Tarot allows in her life and that she has taken a committed lover (Jon). They also remind her that while they represent love, they also represent the free will that comes it it. They illustrate this when they manifest Boo Cat before her, telling her that where as Jon represent the stable, committed lover, Boo represents the carnal, animalistic form of love and that denying either love would be like denying a part of herself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While no abilities are ever shown, they seem to possess some sort of connection to the Summerlands themselves, manifesting in front of Tarot when she needed them and telling her exactly what she needed to know.

Because "The Lovers" are a single Tarot card, it can be assumed that they are in fact a single entity.