The Moon
The Moon Tarot
Biographical Information
Full Name The Moon
Titles The Moon
Physical Information
Species Personification
Gender Female
Hair Color Silver Green
Eye Color N/A
Skin Color White

The Moon is a member of the Major Arcana Tarot deck that manifests as a guide for Tarot in Issue #11.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Moon first manifests as a literal moon with her closed eyes and lips.

She then manifest in the form of a giant, nude woman with pale skin, long silvery hair, two crescent moons on her breasts (one on each nipple) and a full moon over her belly button.


The Moon tells Tarot that there is truth even things that might not be true, and that the road she walks is an untamed wilderness full of unknown probability. She then gives Tarot her symbol (two crescent moons facing upwards) on her forehead and her panties as a reminder for the wisdom in unconscious thought.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While no abilities are ever shown, she seems to possess some sort of connection to the Summerlands herself, manifesting in front of Tarot when she needed her and telling her exactly what she needed to know.