Tower of witchcraft

The towers Exterior

The Tower of High Witchery is a sacred ground for witches and other practioneers of the Craft located in the outsirks of the village Salem. As many other witchery buildings, the tower posses magickal sygils and statues of the Goddess to call upon protection.

The Tower was a center for studying Necro-Magick and the Shadow Path and mystical energies emaneted from its corners. Eventualy the tower was abandoned but the protective charms over it keept it's existance hidden and its knowledge protected. In the last year of the 20th century the Shadow Path witch Raven Hex found the tower and made it her lair. In it's walls she studied Necro-Magick and learned the dark arts of cursing and ressurection.

When she attempted to turn the World of Man into the mystical Witch World the harmony-sided witch Tarot and her lover Skeleton Man entered the tower to stop her.