Vampire Cheerleaders

Vampire Cheerleaders

Vampires are a race of magical creatures that can be found in Salem.


All vampires look relatively human, but most commonly display ash-grey skin, pointy ears and fangs.


Not much is given on vampires and any recurring psychology in them, but the vampires currently shown seem to be apathetic to others, willing to kill when needed.

Much like with werewolves, there exists a stigma against them, as the series introduces Licorice Dust and Boo Cat evading a gang of human vampire-hunters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a magical race, vampires have various abilities that have been made famous in lore.

In order to turn a person into a vampire, one must feed the person their own blood. When that happens, the vampire can control the vampires they sired, though this seems only relegated to vocal commands.

Being undead, vampires are invincible to nearly every form of physical harm brought to them with the exception of a stake to the heart, regenerating from any harm befallen to them. Vampires possess x-ray vision, shown when Licorice Dust was able to tell that Jon was human and not the undead by seeing his cardiovascular system. They cannot be seen throguh regular photography and can even slip through x-ray security, as they were able to smuggle Licorish through Boo Cat's luggage. Vampires might also be able to control vermin, as the Goth girls summoned a nest of rats hidding in the girl's lockers to kill the cheerleaders.

Vampires possess limited shapeshifting abilities, as Licorice was able to form bat wings to fly.

Elf Vampires seem to possess all of the powers of regular vampires, but none of the weaknesses (though this could be due to the exception given by the dark magicks that transformed Azure).


Much like in lore, vampires can be killed with a stake through the heart and direct sunlight. It is unknown if every other weakness (garlic, holy water, crosses, etc.) is true as well.

Known ExamplesEdit


  • The idea of vampirization through drinking vampire blood is a direct reference to Dracula.