Cuddly Pride


Werecats are a race of magical creatures that can be found in Salem.


When not during the full-moon, werecats all look like normal, everyday human beings. During the full moon, werecats develop a slick layer of fur over their skin, cat ears on the top of their head, whiskers, a cat nose and a long cat tail

It is currently unknown if there exists male werecats.


While not that many werecats have been introduced in the series, it can be assumed that Werecats are naturally jovial and peaceful race, only fighting when provoked.

They seem to exist a werecat culture on its own much like that of witches, as when a werecat comes of age, that werecat is put through a ritual where they are annointed with sacred oils by their clan members and given a cat-bath by them after they make their first transformation.

They also seem to be comfortable with nudity, all of the members going skyclad during their congregations and just when they're in their werecat forms in general.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a were-species, their true form is only revealed during the full-moon. In their werecat forms, they gain a modicum of different abilities, including:

  • Super-strength
  • Super-speed
  • Cat-claws
  • Enhanced Durability


In human form, werecats are vulnerable to the everyday troubles of humans without their powers.

As a shape-shifter species, they are naturally repulsed by wolfsbane.

Known ExamplesEdit


  • Boo Cat refers to the transformation process as being extremely pleasurable.