Basic Information
Alternative Names
  • Witchcraft
  • The Craft
  • United Kingdom
Main Spiritual Center
  • N/A (descentralized religion)
Spiritual Information
  • Horned God
  • Goddess
Main Beliefs

Wicca also known as Witchcraft or The Craft is a neo-pagan religion that focus on the worship of the Earth and the dual divine forces known as the Goddess and Horned God. Wicca employs many pagan and hermetic motifs, including the ritual practise of different forms of magick, in it's core. Wicca is a descentralized religion without a sacred text that defines it, instead there are countless sources about Wiccan practises.


Witchcraft was practised long ago in Europe and Middle East with the magickal arts held in great esteem and witches and other magickal creatures free to worship the goddess and nature.

Then man, and its new religions, banished the magickals to the Realm Beyond the Mist where they became stuff of fairy tales and legends. Witches remained on Earth where they became persecuted and many were burned at the stake accused of devil worship.

Now days witchcraft became a religious movement known as Wicca which is America's fastest growing religion.


There are many different traditions of Wicca, and different traditions practice differently. However, there are common beliefs that are shared by all Wiccans, such as God and Goddess, the afterlife, magick and morality.


Wicca is mostly a duotheistic religion with two divine forces, the Triple Goddess and the Horned God. Both are elements of the male and female energies and are equal. However their ritualistic names vary from traditon to tradition. The deities names come from Celtic, Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology but no tradition's gods stand above others.


Many Wiccans perform Magick. Magick is a force create by the union of all life and its spiritual energies in the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth and is channeled through the Goddess (i.e. nature). Thus magick is not supernatural power but the superpower of the natural.

Magick is split into various mystic traditions such as Chaos Magick, the Dark Path, Tarot, Candle Magick, Sex Magick and many others. No matter the tradition all magick evokes energy through space to cause change in process known as spell-casting.


The most important Wiccan teaching is called the Wiccan Rede or Witch's Creed, which says "Do what thou will, but harm none". The Creed pervents witches from using magickal abilites in negative ways but don't prevents them from using it to protect those they love.