Witches are practioneers of magick and worshippers of the Horned God and the Goddess and they can be either good or evil, both only good witches serve as keepers of the balance between magick and man.


During early Salem witch hunts, the original members of the Black Rose Coven wrote two tomes of sorcery: the Book of Light, written with spells of harmony, and the Book of Darkness, possessing the sorcery of damnation and evil. For safety measures, the Book of Darkness was hidden and bound with chains.

Centuries later, the evil witch Raven stole the Book of Darkness in a atempt to create a dark begin with witches in command. Her sister, Tarot, helped with a mortal named Jon, made it to stop her. Later, Raven created the isle of New Avalon, where only witches were allowed.

A mystical war between man and magickal beings was nearly caused because of the efforts of the dark elf Azure but prevented by Tarot. Later, in a reunion between all witches in New Avalon, the island was destroyed because of a enranged Dragon Witch.

Witches PowersEdit

Though rarely shown, witches posses some mystical and paranormals abilities based in magick and sorcery, including:

  • Summoning of a pentagram: Tarot was capable of create a energy-based pentagram in the air to destroy the pumpkin mosters of Raven.
  • Card reading: Tarot is capble of read cards to see future events, but they are not fully accurate.
  • Casting spells and incantations: Witches can cast great spells of magick by calling forth the Goddess name, but removing the Goddess name from the spell will result in punishment.
  • Necrok-Magick: The dark path in sorcery, Necro-magick allows the witches to control creatures of pure evil, driven by chaos and mayhem. The cast of those sorcerous powers can cause permanent damage to a witch corpse.
  • Reviving the dead: By casting a ancient spells, witches revive the dead. However its' unknown if the deads' spirit had to be present or not.
  • Teleport: Witches can teleport to limited range only.
  • Magickal rituals and jewellery: By wearing pentagrams and making rituals witches can cause actual changes in the ordinary world.