Biographical Information
Full Name


Titles Wraith
Physical Information
Species Dog (Ghost)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown and Black (Alive), N/A (Dead)
Eye Color Black (Alive), N/A (Dead)
Skin Color Brown and Black (Alive), Light Blue (Dead)
Familial Information
Magickal Characteristcs
Magickal Powers

All Ghost-based abilities

Wraith was Jon's pet dog before the accident that killed him and Crypt Chick and bestowed Jon his abilities.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When he was alive, Wraith was just an ordinary-looking adult German Shepherd.

Like most ghosts, Wraith manifests in the form of a light blue, flourescent skeletal being (all-biet that of a dog skeleton).


In the best of times, Wraith behaves just like a average dog. He is shown to be incredibly loyal to Jon, attacking graverobbers and thugs upon his orders.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a ghost, Wraith has all of the powers ghosts usually display, including selective intangibility, invisibility, etc.


Being a ghost, Wraith is unable to manifest visually and physically without Jon's presence. He was alos be affected by magic.


Back then, Wraith was a normal, everyday German Shepherd. While with Jon and Brandi during a drive back home from the park when the car they were in nearly hit a deer. The car careened, killing Wraith and Brandi while Jon was hospitalized.

Given that the near-death experience bestowed him with the power to see ghosts, Jon was haunted by droves of long-departed. It was not until Wraith scared them all away was Jon able to digst the situation and come to grips about what happened.

Wraith now "lives" in the Salem Woods Cemetery with Jon to scare off intruders and vandals, acting as his guard dog and "muscle."